The Effectiveness Of Diabetes Exercise With Ergonomic Exercise On Blood Sugar Levels In Diabetes Mellitus Clients In Persatuan Diabetes Indonesia (Persadia) Tulungagung


  • Yitno STIKes Hutama Abdi Husada Tulungagung
  • Yayuk Wahyuti STIKes Hutama Abdi Husada Tulungagung


Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetic gymnastic, Ergonomic gymnastic, Blood Sugar Content


Baground : Diabetes mellitus (DM) is group of heterogeneous disorders characterized by abnormalities of blood glucose levels or hyperglycemia. Four main pillars of hyperglycemia control is one of them is physical exercise such as diabetes gymnastic that is physical gymnastics designed according to age physical status. Beside that there is also ernonomic gymnastic is a technique of gymnastics to maximize the burning system of uric acid, cholesterol, blood glucose, lactic acid, chrystal oxalate. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of diabetes gymnastics with ergonomic gymnastics against blood glucose levels of DM client at the clinic PERSADIA Tulungagung.

Method : Research design used is pre experimental design, with a shortcut of two pre-post groups. The populations of all clents of diabetes mellitus PERSADIA. Using Quota sampling technique with 36 respondent. Retrieval of independent variable data using SOP diabetes gymnastics and gymnastics ergonomic, variable dependent using glucotest. Then the data in the analysis using Independen t-tes. The study was conducted on Jul 2020. Result : The results obtained by the averange blood glucose level after diabetes gymnastics intervention is 259,33 mg/dl and averange blood glucose levels after the ergonomic gymnastics intervention of 231,33 mg/gl. From the statistical test results obtained there effectiveness diabetes gymnastics with ergonomic gymnastics with ergonomic gymnastics on blood glucose levels on the client DM indicated by p value 0,029while for alpha value 0,05, it means p value

< alpha then H0 is rejected.

Conclusion : Research results show diabetes gymnastics is more effetive in deteriorating blood glucose levels client DM than ergonomis gymnastics because diabetic exercise causes increased blood flow, capillary meshes are more exposed resulting in more insulin receptors that effect the decrease in blood glucose.