Effectiveness of Construction Play on Sibling Rivalry Reaction in Preschool Age Children


  • Dwi Retnowati STIKes Hutama Abdi Husada Tulungagung
  • ria stikes hutama abdi husada tulungagung


construction play, sibling rivalry, preschool


Background: A healthy child is a healthy child physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. A child’s health is characterized by developments that match his age, and is able to adapt to the environment. In preschool-aged children health problems that often arise is a disorder of growth and development and behavioral disorders one of them sibling rivalry. Sibling rivalry is a competition with siblings. One way to handle sibling rivalry is to play. Games that can be applied is construction play which is a construction game that can be played with friends or siblings to increase cooperation. This study aims to determine the effect of construction play on sibling rivalry reaction in preschoolers in Kinderganten TK Dharma Wanita Persatuan Sumberbendo District Pucanglaban Tulungagung.

Methods: The research design used in this research is pre experiment using One-group pre-post test design. The population is all student who have siblings of 22 children by using Purposive Sampling Technique. The study was conducted for ione month. Data collection using questionnaire sheet, then data processed with Editing, Coding, Scoring and Tabulating technique. Then analyzed by statistical test of willcoxon sign rank test.

Results: The results obtained P value of 0,002 and α = 0,05 which means the value of ρ<α (0,05), so that H0 is rejected and H1 accepted. The conclusion show the effect of construction play on sibling rivalry reaction in preschoolers.

Conclusions:  The effevtiveness of construction play on sibling rivalry reaction show the importance of parents and the school to apply the construction play as an effort in dealing with sibling rivalry.