An Analisis of Marketing Strategy by Using Internal Factors Analysis Summary (IFAS) and External Factors Analysis Summary (EFAS) for Evaluation Effort at Klinik Sinar Medika Plosoklaten


  • Ardi Bastian IIK Strada Indonesia
  • Hida Shallyana


IFAS and EFAS, Clinic Marketing Strategy


Introduction: Klinik Sinar Medika Plosoklaten operated at 2019 and can be classified as a new clinic. The data shows that the number of annual visits has increased, the number of monthly visits has fluctuated, and inpatient visits have not met the target. Researcher assesses the need for a more in-depth analysis of the internal and external factors to find out the suitable marketing strategy that is expected to help the clinic achieve the target number of visits.
Methods:This research was conducted qualitatively through in-depth interviews with parties in the management structure of Klinik Sinar Medika to determine the internal and external factors, as well as the distribution of results into the IFAS, EFAS, and SFAS matrices in order to obtain the suitable marketing strategies.
Result: The results showed that the IFAS score is 3.82 and EFAS score is 3.87.
Discussion:Klinik Sinar Medika is good at taking advantage of its strengths and opportunities as well as responding to its weaknesses and threats. Through the results of the Strategic Factors Analysis Summary (SFAS), the researcher recommends the suitable marketing strategies.