The Correlation of Community's Perception and Anxiety of Adverse Events Following Immunisation Covid-19 in The City District Kediri City


  • Erma Herdyana Midwifery Academy of Dharma Husada Kediri
  • Siti Komariyah bMidwifery Academy, of Dharma Husada, Kediri


Perception, Anxiety, Covid-19, Vaccine


The Covid-19 pandemic is now entering its second year of 2020. Based on data from WHO, in 2020 it was stated that WHO had identified 10 of the 42 COVID-19 vaccine candidates who had gone through the third clinical trial stage, While in Indonesia there are 3 types of Covid-19 vaccines. (Putri, 2020). Currently, a policy program has been issued, namely vaccination activities are carried out by the Indonesian government as an effort to have community immunity (herd immunity), especially in East Java the coverage of the Covid-19 vaccine is still low below 40%. (Kompas, 2021). This allows people to still be worried about side effects of the Covid-19 vaccin. The purpose of this study is to analyze the public's perception and anxiety of adverse events following immunisation.

This type of research is analytic with a cross sectional approach. The study was conducted in the City District, Kediri City with a sample that met the research criteria of 140 respondents using a simple random sampling technique. Contingency coefficient test was carried out with SPSS and the level of significance = 0.05.

Based on the test results obtained p value 0.000 < significance (0.05) so that the research hypothesis is accepted which means that there is a relationship between public perception and anxiety of adverse events following immunisation Covid-19 Vaccine.

Socialization activities about the Covid-19 vaccine still need to be carried out to provide understanding to the whole community.