Effect Therapeutic Touch on Anxiety Patients With Chronic Kidneys Diseases (CKD) With Hemodialysis


  • Purnomo STIKes Hutama Abdi Husada Tulungagung
  • Maksum Universitas Ngudi waluyo Ungaran Semarang
  • Devangga Darma Karingga Master Student, Universitas Airlangga Surabaya


Anxiety, Chronic Kidneys Disease, Therapeutic Touch


Background: Condition Patients with Chronic Kidney Disesases (CKD) is an kidneys are sufficiently or unable properly function which results acucumulations metabolisme wastes on kidneys. Condition patients causes by Chronic Kidney Disesases is undergoing which hemodyalisis. Patients with Chronic Kidney Disesases is undergoing hemodialysis can be common psychological disorders, such as anxiety to changes mental health status, self acceptance, life threats, stress and depression. Intervention Therapeutic Touch is one of therapy due to reduce anxiety in patient.

Purpose : The Purpose in study was to determine effect therapeutic touch on reducing anxiety level in patsients Chronic Kidneys Disesases undergoing hemodialysis

Methods: Design in this study used pre-post test quasi experiment design without control group. Sample in this study were 45 patients selected using consecutive sampling. Data were collected in control group and intervention group with questionare Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HARS), data were analyzed using Wilcoxon Paired Test.

Results: The result showed and decrease patients anxiety level after intervention group with therapeutic touch with p = 0.000 < ╬▒ = 0,005 in the control group and intervention group. There was significant decrease of anxiety level stress pre test and post test intervention between pre test dan post test intervention group.

Conclusions:  Intervetion therapeutic touch used evidence based for profesionalisme to managing problem related physical and psychological rehabilitation on diseases. Therapeutic touch is bio energy alignment activities brain structures such as sensory processing, attention, and memory, and can stimulate complex cognition and multisensory integration. Intervention therapeutic touch in every day can be increased calm.