Breastfeeding Techniques In Babies Aged 0-6 Months In The New Normal Era


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Breast milk, Breastfeeding techniques, New normal era


Background: In the new normal era, many mothers who breastfeed their babies are anxious and afraid when breastfeeding their babies because they are afraid to transmit the virus to babies through breast milk. Currently the government has taken action to prevent the spread of covid 19, namely the implementation of New Normal. New normal is a change in human behavior during the pandemic, covid-19 where humans limit touch with other individuals. The purpose of this study is to indentify of breastfeeding techniques in infants aged 0-6 months in the new normal era.
Methods: The design of the research in this study is descriptive. The variable in this study was the breastfeeding technique. The population in this study was all mothers who breastfed babies aged 0-6 months in Midwife independent practice Binti Mahmudah as many as 20 respondents. Samples are taken using accidental sampling techniques. The instrument used in this study was a questionare sheet. The study time was conducted on July 5 to 10, 2021, where the study was conducted in Sukorejo Village Ngasem District Kediri Regency. Data retrieval is done by observation by researchers, then inserted a distribution frequency table analyzed in the form of a percentage.
Results: The results showed that mothers who breastfed their babies with the correct breastfeeding technique according to questionare as many as 12 respondents (60%), mothers who breastfed with enough techniques as many as 8 respondents (40%). While the breastfeeding technique is less than 0 respondents (0%)
Conclusions: Breastfeeding techniques in the new normal era are very influential on breastfeeding. Because with the correct breastfeeding technique in the new normal era the mother feels safe and comfortable in providing breast milk, as well as preventing the transmission of covid.