Analysis of Pregnant Women Class With Childbirth Preparation During the Pandemic Period at the Wajak Health Center Malang Regency


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Pregnant women class, pandemic period, childbirth preparation


The low childbirth preparation of pregnant women during the Covid-19 pandemic is due to the many restrictions on almost all maternal and neonatal health services, including pregnant women class. Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has implemented social distancing, physical distancing, and working from home as an effort to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, so that pregnant women classes are held on a limited basis through a virtual model.

The purpose of this study was to know the relationship between the pregnant women class and childbirth preparation during the pandemic at the Puskesmas Wajak, Malang Regency. The design of this study is a quantitative study analytic observational design with a cross-sectional approach. The population is third-trimester pregnant women with a sample of 30 respondents with a sampling technique using purposive sampling and data collection using a questionnaire. Data analysis used the statistical test of the contingency coefficient. The results showed that the implementation of the pregnant women class was mostly 19 people (63.3%) active. Most of the childbirth preparation was 16 people (53.3%) good.

 The results of the analysis showed that there was a relationship between the pregnant women class and childbirth preparation in the pandemic at the Health Center Wajak, Malang Regency (p-value <0.05,). It shows that the more active pregnant women are in participating in the pregnant women class, the better the childbirth preparation. Pregnant women class is a very important activity for every pregnant woman to increase knowledge and understanding of childbirth preparation so that they are better prepared to face childbirth and prevent complications. Pregnant women class can improve childbirth preparation because there is a delivery of knowledge about physical, mental, and financial readiness so that childbirth goes smoothly and safely. It is hoped that pregnant women should actively participate in the implementation of pregnant women classes so that they can know about childbirth preparation so that they can make efforts to prevent complications during pregnancy, maternity, and postpartum.


Keywords: Pregnant women class, pandemic period, childbirth preparation.