Explore Exploratory Experiences Arising from Labor Trauma with Severe Pre-Eclampsia / Eclampsia in Public Health Center Bendo Pare Kediri District


  • Shinta Dyah laksana Stikes Bhakti Mulia
  • Astrichia Djesintha Pah stikes bhakti mulia


Exploration, Rising, Childbirth Trauma, Severe Eclampsia/ Eclampsia


Background: Mothers who have childbirth complications have the perception that the action taken during labor was a painful action that affects the mother's response such as resignation, fear, confusion, worry or anxiety and panic that can cause labor trauma. The purpose of this study was to explore exploratory experiences arising from labor trauma with severe pre-eclampsia / eclampsia.

Methods: The research design was phenomenological with exploratory approach. The population was all mothers who experienced labor trauma with severe pre-eclampsia / eclampsia, a sample of 3 respondents with purposive sampling technique. Data collection techniques used interviews.

Results: The results showed the process of rising from the trauma of childbirth was obtained through support, love, attention and hope from her husband and family. With support and love and hope, the mother can rise from the trauma of childbirth that has been experienced. So that the mother can sincerely accept her kofrat as a woman who really has to undergo it all.

Conclusions: Pregnant and childbirth mothers are encouraged to recognize, understand the emergence of trauma situations that can lead to postpartum depression, efforts to overcome or prevent more severe disorders that affect the relationship between mother and baby with the closest person.