Relationship Between Mom Anxiety Towards Covid-19 With Breast Milk Production


  • Siti Asiyah Stikes Karya Husada Kediri
  • Frischa Budi Chrisdamayanti STIKES Karya Husada Kediri


Anxiety, Covid-19, Breast Milk Production


Preliminari data on 10 postpartum mothers who were controlled on 26-27 April 2021, 5 mothers said breastfeeding was only not smooth and anxious and 5 breastfeeding mothers were smooth and not anxious, this is because during the covid-19 pandemic they still have to go out of the house and check their condition after delivery, mothers are afraid to carry germs that can affect themsleves and their babies. The purpose of the study: to determine the relationship between post partum mother’s anxiety about covid-19 with breastfeeding at clinic 7 (Gynecology Specialist) Mojowarno Christian Hospital Jombang.

This type of research is an analytic survey using a cross sectional design. The independent variabel is the postpartum mother’s anxiety about covid-19, and the dependent variable is breastfeeding. The research site was at Clinic 7 (Gynecology Specialist) Mojowarno Christian Hospital Jombang on 28 June 2021 – 12 July 2021. The population was postpartum mothers who had control at Clinic 7 (Gynecology Spesialist) who met the inclusion criteria, a sample of 35 people. Bivariate data analysis using Chi Square Test.

The results showed that of the 35 postpartum mothers most of them experienced moderate anxiety for covid-19 amounting to 15 people (42,86%) dan mild anxiety in covid-19 amounting to 10 people (28,6%). Expenditure of breast milk mostly non current breast milk amounted to 24 people (68,6%), while the current breastfeeding amounted to 11 people (31,4%). There is a relationship between postpartum mother’s anxiety about covid1-9 and breastfeeding (p value: 0,000 < : 0,05).

Mothers who do not have confidence in being able to produce breast milk, stress, worry, fear of contracthing covid-19 to themselves and their babies, mother’s unhappiness when breastfeeding during the covid-19 pandemic affect breast milk production, because it will inhibit the let down reflect.