Attitudes and Knowledge about The Covid-19 Pandemic of Members of The Gbi Bukit Pengharapan Kediri Congregation


  • Dewi Ika Sari Hari Poernomo Stikes RS Baptis
  • Sandy Kurniajati STIKES RS Baptis Kediri


Covid-19, Attitudes, Knowladge


The public needs to understand about the COVID-19 pandemic for a pandemic situation requires the vigilance of all parties. The knowledge that must be known by the public starts from the understanding and mode of transmission of covid-19, signs of symptoms of covid-19, management and prevention of transmission. The purpose of this discription was to determine attitudes and knowledge among members of GBI Bukit Pengharapan Kediri about COVID-19 pandemic. The design of this research is descriptive. The population in this study were all members of GBI Bukit Pengharapan Kediri. There were 32 samples for this study using consecutive sampling on members of GBI from adolescence to the elderly. The variables in this study were attitudes and knowledge about the covid-19 pandemic. Collecting data using a questionnaire, the data collected is presented in the form of a frequency distribution. The results of this study showed that more than 50% of respondents had a good attitude (59,4%) and enough (40,6%), and more than 50% of respondents had good knowledge about the Covid-19 Pandemic. The conclusion of this study is that most of the GBI Bukit Pengharapan members have good and enough attitudes and have good knowledge about the Covid-19 pandemic.