Relationship of Nurse Motivation Factors With Discharge Planning Implementation During COVID-19 In the Inpatient Unit of RSKM


  • indah mukarromah FIK Unipdu
  • Sih Mirah University of Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum Jombang
  • Zulfa Khusniyah University of Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum Jombang


Nurse, Motivation, Discharge Planning


Background: Discharge planning (DP) is part of the nurse's duty to make patients independent when they return home in taking care of themselves after treatment and improving the quality of patient health. That’s implementation has not been optimal, resulting in patients will experience medication errors and are likely to be re-treated within 30 days after leaving the hospital (Family Care Giver Alliance, 2010). During the Covid-19 pandemic, 8 out of 10 inpatient unit nurses at the RSKM have not done DP and 2 other nurses have not filled in according to standard operating procedures due to lack of willingness and focus on handling complaints cases and also length of treatment. The aim was to analyze the relationship between nurses' motivation and the implementation of DP in RSKM.

Methods: The research design is cross sectional in the inpatient unit of RSKM used a total sampling technique of 43 respondents. The instruments are a nurse motivation questionnaire and a check list the implementation of DP in the medical record document of patients who will go home (RSKM Medical Record Document, 2021) and it used Spearmen Rank (α ≤ 0.05).

Results: Most of the nurses (46.5%) have good motivation due to more than ten years of service, but the implementation of DP is less (53.5%). The P-value is 0.005 with a correlation coefficient -.425, means that there is a significant relationship between the motivation of nurses and the implementation of DP with a moderate degree of relationship and a negative relationship direction.

Conclusions: During the COVID-19 pandemic, several nurses were confirmed positive and some nurses were reassigned to the Covid-19 isolation unit, so the nurse ratio was reduced impact on fatigue and decrease performance related to deficient DP implementation