Aspects of Spirituality with People's Stress Levels During the Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Wahyu Tanoto STIKES Karya Husada Kediri
  • Nurul Laili STIKES Karya Husada Kediri
  • Sutiyah Heni STIKES Karya Husada Kediri


Covid-19 Pandemic, Spiritual Aspect, Stress Level


Introduction : The widespread spread of COVID-19 has an impact on people's mental health which makes individuals easily stressed. Stress is a non-specific response of the body to the load stimulus and the pattern of reaction and adaptation. One aspect of the source of hope to overcome stress is the aspect of spirituality or religion. Spirituality is a belief in God Almighty related to the psyche. The purpose of this study was to identify the relationship between aspects of spirituality and the stress level of society during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Method : In the following cross-sectional study involving 65 respondents in the area of Pare Kediri, using purposive sampling technique and the instrument used is a questionnaire.

Results : The results of the 2x3 chi-square test showed that there was a significant relationship between aspects of spirituality and the level of stress in the community in the Pare Kediri area with the results (p-value 0.000; = 0.05).

Analysis : The level of public stress during the COVID-19 pandemic is closely related to how individuals can fulfill their spiritual needs in a complete way.

Conclusion : The results of the study state that with the spirituality aspect being fulfilled, it will make the stress level lighter and it is hoped that the community can always have the spirituality aspect fulfilled as individual coping and effective adaptation to minimize stress levels in the community during the covid-19 pandemic.

Keywords:       Covid-19 Pandemic Spiritual Aspect Stress Level