Literature Review : Covid 19 & Pregnancy


  • Ita Eko Suparni Stikes Karya Husada Kediri


Covid 19, Pregnancy, Prevention, Transmission


Background: The current non-natural disaster, namely Covid 19, has had an impact on increasing the number of maternal and infant deaths. This is because the new variant of Covid 19 is susceptible to infecting pregnant women which can cause complications and even death for both mother and baby. So far, information about COVID-19 in pregnant women is still limited. This literature study aims to identify pregnancies with COVID-19 and its prevention efforts in pregnancy

Methods: The research method is a literature review, which collects and analyzes data on pregnancy with COVID-19 in pregnant women for 1 year and efforts to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic in pregnancy through Google Scholar, PubMed, Springer and Lancet databases. Use keywords; Pregnancy, Covid 19, prevention, transmission,

Results: Covid 19 increases the risk of preterm delivery and other pregnancy complications. Vaccination during pregnancy will prevent pregnant women with severe symptoms when exposed to COVID-19. Preventive measures for COVID-19 include general precautions, including diligent hand washing, proper wearing of masks, vaccinations, social distancing, regular exercise, and good nutrition. eat a balanced and nutritious diet.

Conclusion: COVID-19 cases in pregnant women are under control, but preventive measures need to be taken to better control the spread of COVID-19.