Parenting Relationship with the Multiple Intelligences of Children Aged (10-11 years) in SDN III Campurdarat Tulungagung 2017

  • Suciati Suciati STIKes Hutama Abdi Husada Tulungagung
Keywords: care system, Complex brightness


Many parents force their children to get high score on their academic achievement, so they ask their children to Attend the informal course. On the other hands, there is something wrong happened based on the parents system. It is about the children's after-school activity. Many children follow the course regularly informally in the afternoon and then they never study anymore at home. They always go to the course disciplinary but actually they do not have intention to study the lesson. The just want to get pocket money not to get the achievement of the lesson. The purpose of this research is to analyze the relationship between parents' and children's care complex system brightness. This on age 10-11 years of research is done on February 19th 2017 at SDN III, Campurdarat, Tulungagung. The method research was Analytic research design using cross sectional approach. The population of the research was parents that have children on age 10-11 years old. The sample is taken using total sampling technique. The Independent variable is the parent's care system and the dependent variable is children's complex brightness on age 10-11 years old. The instrument of research is questionnaire. The Data are processed by the editing, coding, scoring, tabulating and analyzing statistical Rest. The using Spearman rho of Spearman rho test result is caught p value 0.073 is bigger than alpha of 0.05 (0.073> 0.05) so H0 is accepted, its mean there is correlation between parents care system and children’s complex brightness on age 10-11 years old at SDN III, Campurdarat, Tulungagung.