Handling of Elderly Foot Joint Pain Using Complementary Therapy of Spices Hydrotherapy in Posyandu Lansia

  • Selvia David Richard
  • Tri Sulistyarini STIKES RS. Baptis Kediri
Keywords: Hydrotherapy spices, Joint Foot Pain, Elderly


Aging is a natural process that can’t be avoided, running continuously and sustainably. In the elderly there is a decrease in the musculoskeletal system. Changes in the musculoskeletal system are characterized by the presence of pain and stiffness in one or more joints, usually in the hands, wrists, legs, knees, upper and lower spines, pelvis, and shoulders. Pain management does not always have to take medication, but there are some nursing actions that can be given to relieve pain such as complementary therapies, such as foot hydrotherapy using spices. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of spice hydrotherapy in lowering foot joint pain in Elderly Posyandu Kelurahan Bangsal Kediri. This research use Quantitative method with research design used was Pre Experiment Design form pre-post test design. The population of this study were all Elderly who suffered foot joint pain in Posyandu Lansia Kelurahan Bangsal Kediri with sample amount that is equal to 52 respondents, taking data using purposive sampling technique. Data collection for pain scale measurements using Numerical Rating Scale (NRS). Analysis of this research data using Wilcoxon statistical test. Elderly joint pain before complementary therapy of spice hydrotherapy was greater than after therapy with pain scale change of 2.9623. It was concluded that giving of foot hydrotherapy can decrease joint pain in Elderly.