Self-Management Models on Patients with Type II Diabetes Melitus

  • Didik Susetiyanto Atmojo Akper Dharma Husada Kediri
  • Heny Kristanto
Keywords: Diabetes type 2, Self management, Glycemic control


Self-Management Models

On Patients with Type II Diabetes Melitus


Didik Susetiyanto Atmojo1, Heny Kristanto2

Akper Dharma Husada Kediri


[email protected]1, [email protected]2



Self management (competent and competent learning skills) by someone with Diabetes Mellitus is beneficial to manage the disease. Self management can be in the form of individuals or groups. Patients living with Diabetes Mellitus need guidance in learning how to manage themselves (self management) about management and quality improvement.

The purpose of this review literature is to provide a literature description describing self-management in patients with type II diabetes mellitus

Designed used in this research was RCT, Cohort Study, and Pilot Study  which  the selection of the sample done randomly , with the same participant characteristics between the treatment and control groups. Sample was taken from a type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. The article search from Sage Journal, Science Direct, Google Scholer is Based Data used in the article searches, through PICOT framework.

The finding of this Literature review have shown significant improvements/reducing in HbA1c levels on patients. It concluded that self  management either  given in the form of individuals or groups is effective in improving glycemic control. 

Keywords : Diabetes type 2 , Self Management , Glycemic Control