Correlation of Sports with Primary Dysmenorrhoea Incidence in X Class Students in Senior High School 01 KaumanTulungagung

  • Tintin Hariyani stkes karya husada
  • Isabella Aisyah Febrianti
Keywords: Sports, Primary dysmenorrhoea


INTRODUCTION : Primary dysmenorrhea is menstrual pain without abnormalities of reproductive organs (without gynecological abnormalities). Dysmenorrhea primer is purely due to the process of uterine contractions without basic illness as the cause. The characteristic of menstrual pain is not reduced in the days that follow. The objective of the study to determine the relationship of sports with the incidence of primary dysmenorrhoea  in Senior High School 01 Kauman Tulungagung.

METHOD : This research uses analytical research design with retrospective approach. The independent variable in this study is sport and the dependent variable is the incidence of primary dysmenorrhea. The population of 273 female student in Senior High School  01 Kauman Tulungagung. The sample size  163 respondents. The Instrumen of this research is questioner. The research was conducted by distributing  to respondents at Seior High School 01 Kauman Tulungagung on Monday, June 5, 2017. Analyzed using chi square test with significant level 0,05.

RESULT : The results showed that of 163 respondents who have routine sport habit as much as 38 respondents (23.3%).  From the data of respondents experiencing primary dysmenorrhoeal as much as 120 respondents (73.6%) and respondents who did not sport primary dysmenorrhea as much as 43 respondents (26.4%). After Chi Square test obtained results X 2 count (93.4)> x 2 table (5,991). This indicates that H0  rejected and H1 accepted. While the calculation of contingency coefficient test obtained results 0.6 then obtained the results of correlation values ​​or a strong relationship between sports with the incidence of primary dysmenorrhoea .

CONCLUSION : Regular sport can increase the production of endorphins ( body's natural pain killers ), can increase serotonin levels. Getting regular sport and physical activity such as healthy walking, running, cycling, or swimming, it can make the blood flow in the muscles surrounding the uterus become fluent, so the pain is reduced .


Keywords               : Sports, Primary Dysmenorrhoea