The Correlation of Pregnancy Exercise with the Incidence of Primigravida’s Perineal Rupture at Kusuma Pertiwi Clinic Kepung Sub District Kediri Regency

  • Dewi Taurisiawati Rahayu stkes karya husada
  • Annisa Ekki Setiadji
Keywords: Pregnancy exercise, Perineal rupture


The perineal rupture is a tear that occurs during labor, postpartum hemorrhage may result from perineal rupture. Pregnancy exercises can relax the pelvic floor muscles, reduce tension, strengthen and maintain muscle elasticity, elastic Perineum can facilitate the birth of a baby without much tearing the birth canal. The purpose of this research is to know the relationship of pregnancy gymnastics with the incidence of perineum rupture primigravida at Kusuma Pertiwi Clinic Kepung District Kediri Regency.  


This research uses correlational analytic (correlational study) research design. using a retrospective cohort approach at Kusuma Pertiwi Clinic Kepung District Kediri District on August 2 - August 26, 2017. independent variables in this study pregnancy exercise and dependent variable incidence of perineum rupture, with a population of 48 postpartum women using simple random sampling technique obtained a sample of 33 respondents postpartum mother. Instrument used Medical Record (Attendance List) and Medical Record (Partograf). This study uses Chi-Square statistical test with a significance level of 0.05.


The result showed that almost all respondents (84.8%) had regular pregnancy exercise criteria of 28 respondents and almost all respondents (81.8%) did not rupture perineal criteria of 27 respondents. The analysis of this study shows that there is relationship between pregnancy exercise with perineal rupture primigravida at clinic of Kusuma Pertiwi Kepung District Kediri Regency, value (ρ value = 0,000 <α = 0.05), with strong relationship level (0,707).


Pregnancy exercise can relax the pelvic floor muscles, reduce tension, strengthen and maintain elasticity of the perineal muscles, exercise posture and practice breathing so indirectly can prevent perineal rupture. In order not to happen perennial ruptures pregnant women should follow pregnancy exercise.