Relationship History of Laktasi with CA Mammae Cavense in the Village Hospital of Kediri District

  • Linda Andri Mustofa STIKES Karya Husada Kediri
  • Riski Riya Dhita Puspita Kusuma
Keywords: Lactation history Ca Mammae


Carsinoma Mammae is interfered on the growth of mammae abnormal cell. In 2012 breast cancer was the biggest cause of cancer deaths, but in 2016 breast cancer was number five the greatest cancer deaths, with 371.000 deaths. The objective is to determine the correlation history of lactation with  ca mammae incident.

Type of analytic research with research design study retrospective with case-control approach. Independent variable is history of lactation while independent variable is Ca Mammae. Sampling technique used simple random sampling. The study was conducted on July 20 – 22nd, 2017 using medical record instrument in General Hospital of Kediri Regency. Population was 233 people, while sample size was 91. The sample consist of case group (Ca Mammae) of 39 respondents and control group(Non Ca Mammae) of 52 respondents.

The research result in the case group almost half of respondents have not lactation history (37,4%) that was 34 respondents and in control group almost half respondent have lactation history (49,5%) that was 45 responden. ρ value 0,000 < 0,05means H0 rejected. So there is correlation history of lactation with Ca Mammae incident with moderate level of correlation (C = 0,59).

Breast feeding is one way to reduce risk of occurrence Ca Mammae, women who breastfeed are at risk smaller than women who do not breastfeed cause with breastfeding exposure to estrogen can be reduced which is one cause Ca Mammae.