The The Effect of Hot Chocolate Drinks to Decrease Anxiety toward Mother in First Stage of Labor

  • Sri Banun Titi Istiqomah Universitas Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum Jombang
  • Wiwit Denny Fitriana
Keywords: Phytochemicals, Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, Labor anxiety


Background:  In this modern era, consuming chocolate is a favorite for women. Several studies have examined the chemical content and antioxidant activity of cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are processed into various foods such as dark chocolate and milk chocolate. The processing of cocoa beans causes a different chemical content of the processed products. This study aims to determine the composition of chemical compounds contained in dark chocolate and milk chocolate. In addition, this study aims to identify the effect of giving black chocolate and milk chocolate to maternal anxiety level in Midwife Clinic Umi Salamah, Amd.Keb, Jombang, East Java, Indonesia.

Methods: This study utilized quasi experimental design with approach pre and post-test to analyze the effect of hot chocolate drinks (dark chocolate and milk chocolate) to decrease anxiety toward mother in first stage of labor.

Results:  The results of phytochemical screening on dark chocolate and milk chocolate showed that dark chocolate consists of polyphenolic compounds, flavonoids, tannins, saponins and alkaloids higher than milk chocolate.