Development of Instrument "Knowledge Counseling of Subdermal Contraceptive Implants" with Rasch Model

  • Lina Ratnawati Stikes karya husada kediri
  • Fitri Yuniarti Stikes Karya Husada Kediri
Keywords: Instrument, Rasch model, Counseling subdermal contraceptive implants


The development of valid and reliable instruments is needed in research to get the appropriate results. The purpose of this research is to develop research instrument "counseling knowledge of subdermal contraceptive implants". This research is a preliminary study for the research of "improvement of knowledge and skill of midwife in doing subdermal contraceptive implants counseling at Health Centers in Bandung Area ". The method used in this research is quantitative. Data were taken from 5 health centers at Bandung District with 30 respondents. Testing data using Rasch Model with Winsteps 3.73 software. The instrument format is filled by selecting one of the correct answers. The findings obtained are from subdermal contraceptive implants counseling knowledge instrument consisting of two parts, namely counseling and subdermal contraceptive implants and amounted to 30 questions declared valid and reliable as well as eligible items unidimensional.