Description Description of Knowledge and Attitude Adolescent Before and After Health Promotion Intervention about Anemia

  • Suyati Suyati
  • Muzayyaroh Muzayyaroh Universitas Pesantren Tinggi Darul Dlum Jombang
  • Sabrina Dwi Prihartini
Keywords: Adolescents, Health promotion, Anemia, Knowledge, Attitude


Background:   Anemia is a health problem in Indonesia that has not been fully solved. The prevalence of anemia in adolescent (girls) in Indonesia is still high at 22.7%. Anemia that is not handled properly, especially in adolescent can have long-term impact for themselves and their children someday. One effort to solve that problem is health promotion to improve knowledge and attitude toward adolescent in preventing anemia in adolescents. The purpose of this study was to determine knowledge and attitude of adolescents before and after health promotion intervention about anemia.

Methods:  The research method used descriptive study. Total sample used in this study were 30 respondents from Santriwati grade XI in MAN Rejoso, Peterongan, Jombang, East Java, Indonesia. Sampling method with Total Sampling method. Data collection used primary data with questioner kits distributed before and after health promotion.

Results: The result of this research stated that most of them were 62.5% responder have medium knowledge before health promotion intervention and 87.5% responder with good knowledge after health promotion intervention. Most respondents attitude were 59.4% with a positive attitude before health promotion intervention and 81.25% of respondents with a positive attitude after getting health promotion. The results of this study indicate that there was an increase in knowledge and positive attitude changes in adolescents after health promotion intervention about anemia, so it is advisable to increase health promotion activities through school education, health center, family and community programs.