The The Student Learning Method in Diploma of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, Unipdu, Jombang

  • Siti Muniroh FIK Unipdu Jombang
  • Kurniawati Kurniawati
Keywords: learning, student, method


During learning teaching program, teacher or lecturer has the important role and being the part that determining the succeed of this program. Besides,  a good application of learning styles is one of the aspect that directly correlate to student’s creativity and learning styles. Hence,  teacher or lecturer have to apply a learning method during this program that rise learning motivation of the students. 

      This study used 76 respondents of Nursing D-III Department  Program Unipdu students. In addition, this also applied total sampling from given questionare and would be tabulated to investigate D-III nursing student learning styles.

      The result reveals that 64,5% students used visual learning styles, which mean that students of Nursing Diploma Program apply visual learning method during their study.