Neonatal Care Aged 0-7 Days by Postpartum Mother in Joho Village Wates District Kediri Regency

  • Dian Rahmawati Akbid Dharma Husada Kediri
  • Puput Diyahayu Ferawati
Keywords: Postpartum, Neonatal care, Postpartum mother


Postpartum was the restoration of the organs of the body to come back as it was before getting pregnant, so postpartum mother need more rest. But the fact, the new role as a mother require the postpartum mother to care her baby soon. Neonatal period is a critical time for baby life because 60% of newborn deaths occur within 7 days after birth. In the year 2012 neonatal mortality rate in Indonesia is 19 deaths per 1000 live births. The purpose of the study to identify how the care of neonates aged 0-7 days by the postpartum mother in Joho Village Wates District Kediri Regency. This research design was descriptive with cross sectional approach. The population of this research was all of postpartum mother who have babies aged 0-7 days. With the total sampling retrieved 20 respondents of sample. Data obtained by observation with the instrument of checklist. The data analysis done in a univariate with percentage. The results showed from 20 respondents that examined, no respondents (0%) did the neonatal care with very good, 6 respondents (30%) did the neonatal care with good, 3 respondents (15%) did the neonatal care with not good, and 11 respondents (55%) did the neonatal care with not very good. Based on the research results 55% of respondents did neonatal care aged 0-7 days with not very good. Postpartum mother should have learned the care of newborns since they were pregnant. In addition  for health workers should help improve the ability of postpartum mother to perform newborn care either through counseling or guidance.