Muscle Strength and Self Care Ability (SCA) of Post Stroke Patients through Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) Based on Self Care Theory

  • Dhina Widayati STIKES Karya Husada Kediri
  • Diana Rachmania STIKES Karya Husada Kediri
  • Ratna Indah Puspita Dewi
Keywords: CIMT (Constraint Induced Movement Therapy), Self care ability, Muscle strength, Cerebral vasculer accident


Cerebral Vasculer Accident (CVA) or stroke is a partial destruction of the brain that can cause residual symptoms, one of which is muscle weakness in the upper extremity that can affect the patient's self care ability (SCA). These problems could be solved by CIMT (Constraint Induced Movement Therapy). CIMT is a movement rehabilitation technique in upper limbs that improve muscle weakness by small steps activity using daily tools. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of CIMT on changes of muscle strength in upper extremities and SCA post CVA patients. This research used pre experimental design with one group pre-post test design. CIMT was given to 14 days with a sample size of 32 respondents which taken by purposive sampling. The data analysed by Wilcoxon sign rank test with the result showed p = 0.001 (muscle strength) p = 0.004 (self care ability). There was an effect of CIMT (on upper extremity muscle strength and self care ability of post-CVA patient). An improvement of muscle strength and self-care ability before and after CIMT intervention. Improving muscle strength was sufficient category to be good category and self care ability from mild to moderate category. The ohter factors : age, sex, last education level, occupation, history of past disease and history of post CVA were associated with improvement of muscle strength in upper limb and self care ability after CIMT .The results of this study were expected to be the basis of CIMT as an independent and innovative nursing intervention in post-CVA nursing care.

 Keywords: CIMT (Constraint Induced Movement Therapy), Self care ability, Muscle strength, Cerebral Vasculer Accident