Obesity Obesity as a Risk of Pre Eklamsia

  • Nurul Khoirun Nisa FIK Unipdu Jombang
  • Masruroh Hasyim
  • Nurul Millah
Keywords: obesity, pre eklamsia, pregnant mother


Maternal mortality is one of the indicators used to measure health status. In Indonesia, the 3 largest maternal deaths are caused by pre eklamsia / eclampsia caused by obesity during pregnancy. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of obesity pregnant women with pre eklamsia.

         The research design used was analytic correlation. The population of obese pregnant women as much as 72 people, And the sample amounted to 72 people with total sampling techniques. Test Analysis in this study using Chi squared with a significant level of 0.05 and closeness relationship using contingency coefficient.

          Results of the study of 72 obese pregnant women, 56 pregnant women (77.8%) had pre eklamsia and 16 pregnant women (22.2%) were not pre eklamsia. Results of analysis using SPSS Chi Square with significance value α = 0.05 obtained ρ = 0.002 so that α <0.05 it is a relationship of obesity pregnant women with the incidence of pre eclampsia. The results of contingency coefficients show 0.513 which means the closeness of the relationship is moderate.

            Obesity in pregnant women provides a significant relationship in the incidence of pre  eklamsia