The The Effect of Acupuncture Therapy on Blood Pressure Decrease toward Elderly with Hypertension Diagnosist in Panti Werdha Mojopahit, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia

  • Sufendi Hariyanto FIK Unipdu Jombang
  • Mukhamad Rajin
Keywords: acupuncture therapy, hypertension, elderly


Hypertension is a health problem that commonly found in elderly. Habit factors that often cause hypertension, such as psychological tension or sress. One of the hypertension treatment in non-pharmacological with acupuncture therapy.

This study aimed to investigate the effect of acupuncture therapy on blood pressure in elderly with hypertension diagnosist in Panti Werdha Mojopahit, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia.

Research method used Quasi Experimental pretest-posttest control group design. Total sample 16 respondents (8 respondents in treatment groups and 8 respondents in control group) with purposive random sampling technique. Data was collected by observation method, then tabulated using frequency distributions and analized with T-test and Paired Independent T-Test significance level α=0.05. Result shows between the two groups generated hypertension toward elderly, after acupuncture therapy in 4 times (in 4 days) there was a significant decrease of blood pressure. The control group, both systolic and diastolic pressure in the Paired T-Test.

The conclusion, there was no negative side effect of acupuncture therapy on blood pressure toward elderly with hypertension diagnosist. Acupuncture therapy recomended for hypertension in the elderly with problem of a high salt intake, obesity, lack of exercise, stress, smoking, caffeine and genetic factors.