Relationship Knowledge and Adaptability to Change Process On Elder in Villages of District Support Darungan Pare Kediri

  • Ariani Sulistyorini Stikes Karya Husada Kediri
  • Vela Purnamasari Stikes Karya Husada Kediri
Keywords: Knowledge, ability, adaptation, change, elderly


Introduction: Elderly is a chronological age of more than or equal to 65 years. Elderly or aging is a condition that occurs in human life. Entering old age means a setback, such as physical and psychological setbacks. The changes  required adaptation or adjustment for the attainment of self integrity for the elderly. The adaptations used by the elderly depend on the body's defense mechanisms  have been used previously. the maintain) of integrity  the elderly,  need to know the changes that occur. The Research is aims to identify knowledge relation and adaptability to change process at elderly in Desa Darungan Pare Kediri.

Method: In this research, research design is Cross Sectional . The population of all elderly people in Darungan, Pare, Kediri are 190 elderly with criteria: healthy elderly , willing to be responder,  can be read and write. The sample size was 38 respondents, with  sampling technique is accidental sampling. Data Retrieval dated August 28 - September 28, 2017. Independent Variables is Knowledge of the elderly and Dependent Variables is the adaptability to the process of changes in the elderly. Data collection techniques are observations and interviews by using data collection instruments Quesioner and the observation sheet (ceck List). The data analysis technique using Spearman Correlation test statistic. .

Results: The results of the study obtained half of respondents that is16 respondents (50%) knowledgeable enough and more than half of 21 respondents (53.26%) have enough adaptability. The  result of test  Rho Spearman obtained  P value = 0,695 (> 0,05). That mean is no relation between knowledge and adaptability to change process at elderly.

Analysis: The absence of knowledge relation and adaptability to change in elderly because although good knowledge or less does not cause easy of elderly in adaptation to change happened. It is possible because adaptation ability can be influenced also by the decrease of function related to physical change itself, mental readiness of elderly accept change and existence of support from family.

Conclusion: Therefore, it is necessary for the role of health workers to provide information to the elderly about the readiness to accept the changes, and the family to provide assistance. In addition, the elderly always actively participate in activities so that more information obtained which will help facilitate the elderly accept the changes that occur so easy in the process of adapting to these changes.