Influence the Awarding of a Dried Dinger Against a Decrease in Pain Dysmenorrhea in Young Women at SMK Bhakti Mulia Pare-Kediri

  • Vika Taulina Ismanto Stikes Bhakti Mulia
  • Agustinus Nggau Behar
Keywords: Pain, Disminore, Ginger, Teen Daughter


Introduction : Dysmenorrhea is bocoming a condition that is detrimental to manny women and have a huge impact on health-related quality of life. Dysmenorrhea or menstrual pain can couse teens are not able to perform daily activities, such as not to enter work or school, so it the problem is not corrected soon it would be very detrimental.


Subjectand Method :  This research uses a type of quantitative research of experimental method and approach “one group pretest-posttest design”. The population of this research are all student of SMK Bhakti Mulia Pare – Kediri in the department of nursing as much as 54 student with samples of as many as 20 respondents use quota sampling and accidental sampling. Test research analysis using statistical test t-test paired two sample (paired sample t-test).


Result :   The results of this reserach show the value of the sig (2-tailed) = 0.000 and degrees of error (α) ; 0.05, so ρ< α, so H0 is rejected and the H1 as accepted, it means there is the influence of dry ginger drink against granting a decrease dysmenorrhea pain on young women in SMK Bhakti Mulia Pare – Kediri the year 2017, aafter the grant of the dried ginger drinks on young women  in SMK Bhakti Mulia Pare – Kediri decline the intensity of pain dysmenorrhea on the respondent as much as berween 2-3 pain scale.


Conclusion : Proper handling of efforts need to be know and applied wisely by young women. The selection of herbal-based medications more recommended. Changes to a healtheir lifestyle can significantly also decrease the level to pain.