Analysis of Factors Affecting the Event of Hypertension in Gayam Sub District RW 01 Kediri City

  • Puguh Santoso Nursing Academy Dharma Husada Kediri
  • Moh. Alimansur Nursing Academy Dharma Husada Kediri
Keywords: hypertension, risk factors


Hypertension is a condition in which systolic blood pressure> 140mmHg and diastolic blood pressure> 90mmHg. Hypertension high morbidity (mortality) and mortality (death) because hypertension is a major cause of increased risk of stroke, heart, and kidney disease, thus requiring long-term comprehensive and integrated response.This study aims to determine the factors that affect the hypertension. The research method used in analytical descriptive with Cross Sectional study approach, using Total Sampling technique obtained subject amounted to 30 patients diagnosed with Hypertension in Gayam RW 01 sub-district Gayam Kediri from January - February 2018 then the data processed by using computer Spss version 20, to be analyzed with Ordinal Regression test with significance level (α) ≤0.05.The result showed that there was a relationship between age (p value = 0,024), activity (p value = 0,024), family member suffering from hypertension (p value = 0,002) with hypertension occurrence, and no relation between education (p value = 0,413) gender (p value = 0,294), with the incidence of hypertension in Gayam RW 01 village sub district Mojoroto Kota Kediri