Effect of Secang Wood (Ceasalpinia Sappan L.) Extract on Morphology of Spermatozoaand Reversible Process in Male Rats

  • Silfia Sekar Arum Mandalia Elly Susanti Stikes Bhakti Mulia
  • Pramita Sandy Ulya Imannura
Keywords: Secang wood, morphology, spermatozoa, contraception


Background: Limited choice of contraception for male is one of the reasons why their participant is low. Secang wood is consideret as an alternative contraception that has an influence in the morphology of spermatozoa and reversible in nature.

Objective: To examine the effect of extracts of secang wood in the morphology of spermatozoa and reversible process in male mice.

Methods: This was a quasy experimental study with randomized post test only control group design. There were 32 male rats (Mus Muscullus L) recruited in this study. Four roups were involved, namely: 1) Ethanol group, 2) Chloroform fraction, 3) Water fraction, and 4) Control group. Each group consisted of 8 mice. There were two treatment in this study: 1) each group was given secang extract with dose 50mg/25 gram of weight, 2)The observation period was 10 days after the treatment, and 4 mice in each group was dissected to see the morphology of spermatozoa, while the other 4 mice were allowed to live and maintained until 20 days to see reversible morphology of spermatozoa.

Results: The extract of secang wood at dose of 50 mg/25 gram of weight could increase the abnormal sperm morphology. There was a significant difference between the treatment group and control group with p-value <0.05. The extract was also reversible on the morphology of spermatozoa.

Conclusion: The secang wood extract significantly affects sperm morphology, and reversible. This study provide the insight of scientific information about the effect of the secang extracts on the morphology of spermatozoa, and it could be used as a basis for further research in hummas in the development of natural contraceptive on a revesible men.