Effects of Self-Help Group on Stress Level in Adolescents

  • Purnomo Purnomo Stikes Bhakti Mulia
  • Meidiana Dwidiyanti
  • Diyan Yuli Wijayanti
  • Reza Indra Wiguna
Keywords: Stress, Self Help Group, Adolescent


Background :Adolescence is a transition from child to adulthood. Stress is a common phenomenon occurring during adolescence, which can be caused by several factors both internal and external. Stress that occurs in adolescents will affect their psychological state, therefore, they need some help in dealing with stress. Self-help group is an intervention which can be used to assist adolescents in reducing stress.

Purpose : The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of self-help group on reducing stress level in adolescents. This study used a pretest-posttest quasi-experimental design with a control group.

Methods : The samples were 141 adolescents selected using stratified random sampling. Data were collected using Depression, Anxiety and Stress (DASS-42) questionnaire and analyzed using Wilcoxon test.

Results  : The results showed a decrease in adolescents’ stress level after given self-help group with p = 0.368 in the control group,  and p = 0.000 in the intervention group. There was a significant difference in the decrease of stress level before and after the intervention between the control group and the intervention group.

Conclusion : Effects of Self-help group could reduce stress level in adolescents.