The Influence of Discovery Learning Model Assessment Againt the Attitude of the Soul of Entrepreneurship Nursing Course Entreprenurship in STIKes Bhakti Mulia Kediri

  • Junianto Fitriyadi Stikes Bhakti Mulia
  • Aning A'inurrosyidah
  • Aprianingsih Djati
Keywords: Attitude, Discovery Learning, Entreprenurship Nursing


Introduction : Discovery learning model used in nursing course entrepreneurship to encourage student indenpendent study in order to find the concept. The learning model gives rise to a sense of pleased at students, because it arouses the curiosity if student, motivating student to work continuously to find an answer.


Subjectand Method :  This research uses a type of quatitative reserach pf experimental method and approach ‘one group pretest – posttest design”. The population if this follow courses nursing entrepreneurship I, II and III by as much as 53 student with as many as 30 sample respondent using simple random sampling. Test research analysis using statistical tests t-test paired to sample (paired sample t-test).


Result :  The result of this research show the value of the sig (2-tailed) = 0,002 and degrees of discovery learning model of influence against the assessment of the attitude of the soul of entrepreneurship on courses nursing entrepreneurship in STIKes Bhakti Mulia Kediri. The change of attitude of the soul score entrepreneurship between 11,606 to 12.830 or addition if scores the attitude of the soul of entrepreneurship with between 12 and 13 points from before and after done  discovery learning model.


Conclusion : The role of the unit manager course is crucial un drafting plans for the development of a model of learning, especially in improving the quality of the teaching team (lecturer) developers learning to discovery learning, so that the unit manager is able to make plant or strategy for the operational procedures of quality academic field with a very broad level of understanding.