The The Difference in the Length of Healing Process of the Perineal Wound on the Puerperal Mother who Performs Abstinence Food Pattern “TARAK”

  • Anis Murniati STIKes Hutama Abdi Husada Tulungagung
Keywords: Perineal wound, Abstinence pattern, Wound healing


Rupture of the perineum is a wound that occurs in the perineum due to labor. The perineal rupture occurs almost in all the first labor and may also occur in subsequent labor. The perineal rupture generally occurs in the midline and may become widespread if the fetal head is born too soon, the pubic arch angle is smaller than usual, the fetal head passes the pelvis of a larger size (24). One of the external factors affecting the healing of perineal wounds of the puerperal mother is the nutritional factor. Community culture during childbirth is still done today, such as postpartum mothers are prohibited from eating eggs, meat, shrimp, sea fish, catfish, fruits and oily food. In postpartum period, the mother should only eat tofu, tempe, mother is prohibited from eating and drinking because according to ancestral heritage that eating too much and drinking can make wet, itchy and long healed. Nutrition is an important component for wound healing process especially proteins needed for cell regeneration. This study aims to determine the relationship of abstinence pattern of feeding in a postpartum period to the process of perineal wound healing. The research design used comparation. The population are all postpartum mother with 2 degree perineal laceration in Working Area Bunda Medika Karangrejo clinic by using purposive sample technique with 50 respondents divided into 2 groups that is group of abstinence and group not eat abstinence. Data collection using questionnaires and observation sheet of wound healing. Then the data is analysed with unpaired t-test statistics. The statistical results show that there is a difference in the duration of wound healing of the perineal wound between postpartum who performs a pattern of abstinence and no abstinence pattern, indicated by sig (2-tail) = 0,000. It is expected that health workers must give education to families and mothers not to abstain from certain feeding after delivery which aims to accelerate the process of maternal wound healing and the fulfillment of balanced nutritional and nutritional needs.