Multivariate Analysis of Social, Economic and Environmental Factors Against Mental Retardation Events

  • Erna Nurochim Stikes Bhakti Mulia
Keywords: Social Economy, Environmental Factors, Mental Retardation


Background: mental Retardation or RM is a serious problem for the nation. Estimation of the case RM weighing about 0.3% of the entire population and almost 3% had an IQ below 70.  The prevalence of disabilities RM as a whole is not yet known for sure, but the number estimated at 1 to 3% of the entire human population (Bi et al., 2016). Other researchers in the Netherlands reported that based on the population of meta analysis revealed the prevalence of RM – 1% with Division of 85% of all cases is mild, RM RM RM 10% and Moderate heavy very heavy/5% (Iqbal and Bokhoven, 2014). The purpose of the study to find out the relationship between the social, economic and environmental factors against mental retardation incident.

Subjects and method: this type of research is the study of analytic observational research with approach case control. Implementation time in October-December 2016 in district of Pare Regency Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. Variables in research is the socio-economic, environmental factors and mental retardation. The sample is selected by fixed disease sampling, by comparison to 1:2 the subject of cases and controls, a number of 105 subject. Engineering data collection using the questionnaire. The data were analyzed using Logistic regression analysis using SPSS program version 21.

Results: there are social relations of economic families (OR = 0.31; CI = 0.13-0.76; p = 0.009) and environment (OR = 0.36; CI = 0.14-0.75; p = 0.008) and status of mental retardation.

Conclusion: there is a relationship of socioeconomic status and family environment with mental retardation..