Influence of Therapy of Authorization on Quality of Sleep and Anxiety in Elderly in UPT PSTW Blitar in Tulungagung

  • Dwi Retnowati STIKes Hutama Abdi Husada Tulungagung
Keywords: elderly, sleep quality, anxiety, occupqtionql therapy


Background: Elderly often experience a variety of complaints that one of them to enter the process of sleep. Sleep is not sound and easy to wake, if wake up difficult to sleep again, wake up early morning, lethargic after waking up in the morning. Prolonged sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality can impair physical and psychological health. To overcome sleep disorders is to provide physical activity in the elderly include occupational therapy is sewing. Mental health is owned by all people both children, adults and even elderly though. The process of aging is a natural process accompanied by a decline in physical, psychological and social conditions that interact with each other. One of the problems experienced by the elderly is anxiety. Anxiety is an uncertain concern spread in nature and is associated with feelings of uncertainty and helplessness. One of the mental health problems faced by the elderly with regard to psychology is anxiety. Anxiety in the elderly can be prevented or treated with relaxation techniques, one of which is occupational therapy.Research Purposes: This study aims to determine the effect of sewing therapy therapy on sleep quality, but also to identify the confounding variables of elderly anxiety level in UPT Panti Sosial Tresna Werdha (PSTW) in Tulungagung.Design research: The design used is One-Group Pre- Post Test Design. The population of this study is 80 respondents, with purposive sampling obtained 30 elderly respondents who experienced sleep quality disorder and bad anxiety. Type of occupational therapy in this study is sewing strimin fabric done for 5 days with a duration of 30 minutes. By statistical test using wilcoxon sign rank test with α = 0,05.Result: showing the effect of occupational therapy on sleep quality of elderly at UPT Panti Sosial Tresna Werdha (PSTW) Blitar in Tulungagung, as indicated by 0.000 with α = 0,05 so H0 is rejected and H1 accepted.Conclusion: Sewing activities provide an exhausting activity for the elderly so that the quality of elderly sleep at night quality and anxiety decreases.