Self Help Group for Change of Stress by Using Dass Scale (Deprresion, Ansietas, Stress) in Patients with HIV/AIDS

  • Arif Setyawan Stikes Bhakti Mulia
  • Aning Ainurrosyidah
Keywords: Self Help Group, HIV/AIDS


Background: Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) becomes the main problem of global community health in which more than 34 million people die (WHO, 2015). When someone has been diagnosed Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS), he/she will have psychological problems which are signed by feeling rejecting, angry, shocked, and depressed. These psychological symptoms can make the diagnosed person becomes more stress in passing his/her rest life (Depkes. 2014). The burdens of diagnosed AIDS patients both because of the organic effect of AIDS and psychosocial, can cause the feeling of worried, depressed, unconfident, hopeless, and even the desire of committing suicide (Sriati, 2013). Based on the above explanations, the researcher is interested in doing the advanced research about self help group for change of stress by using DASS Scale ( Depression, Ansietas, Stress) in Patients with HIV/AIDS


Subject and method:  The design of this study was pre-eksperimental with one grup pretest-posttest design. The population was all HIV/AIDS patients in KDS friendship Kediri, the sample was 40 respondents with the teqhnique of simple random sampling. Questionnaire was used to collect the data. Results showed that before the treatment 38 respondents (95.0%) had normal stress and after treatment 40 respondents ( 100%) have a normal stress level.


Result:  The results of data analysis,paired sampel t-test values obtained sig (2-tailed) p-0.000 and standart error (a):0.05, so p<  ( that means Ho was refused and H1 was accepted,meaning there was the influence of self help group to changes in stress used a scale of DASS (depression, anxiety, stress).


Summary: Self help groups can provide social support and psychological for its members because all members because all members can share all of their burden and their problem, then the other members can provide the motivation and ways of solving problems.