Nurses Perception on the Development of Careers Nurse Clinic Career Pattern in Aisyiyah Ponorogo General Hospital

  • Alfian Fawzi STIKes Surya Mitra Husada Kediri
  • Agusta Dian Ellina
  • Aprin Rusmawati
  • Mohamad As’ad Efendy
Keywords: Career development system, Nurse clinic


The nurse as a majority health worker in the health care sector including the hospital has a significant role in the health care. The value of nursing care that is continuous, constant, coordinative, and advocative so the preparation, usage, distribution, and retention of the nurse, has an important implication to obtain the objectives of health care and its continuity. The purpose of this study was to determine the perception of nurses on the patern of career development of clinical nurses at Aisyiyah Ponorogo General Hospital. The method used is qualitative method. Data collection was done by in – depth interview and FGD. Sample used is nurse clinical in public hospital Aisyiyah Ponorogo PK 1,2,3 with sample size of each group discussion is 6 person nurse. The result of research that the system of career nurse care ladder in Aisyiyah general hospital has been done but not yet maximal. From the result of the interviews, the informants said that three has been no awards in the improvement of careers nurse clinic level. Faktors that affect the implementation of careers nurse career level at Aisyiyah Ponorogo General Hospital is not yet compiled regulation in accordance with the guidelines issued by DEPKES RI  in 2013. Lack of understanding of nurses about the levels and benefits of career nurse clinic level, along with the absence of reward system in the form of remuneration from Aisyiyah Ponorogo General Hopital. To improve the implementation of nursing career development system, Public Hospital Aisyiyah Ponorogo must make rules on remuneration and optimize the functions of nurses committees in the preparation guidance, SPO, socialization guide, and implementation in accordance with the regulation of career development system of nursing staff of Aisyiyah Ponorogo General Hospital.