The Effect of Psychoueducation on Caregiver Ability in Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus Type II

  • Andika Siswoaribowo STIKES Karya Husada Kediri
  • M. Sakundarno Adi
  • Muhammad Muin
Keywords: Keyword 1 Ability Caregive Keyword 2 Psychoeducatio, Keyword 3 Diabetes Mellitus


Introduction : Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease that requires long-term treatment. In this case caregiver ability is needed because merupakn one important factor management of Diabetes Mellitus disease. Methods : This study aims to determine the effect of psychoeducation on the ability of caregiver in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus patients.This research uses quasi experimental research design with pre post with control group method in treatment group and control group.The sample consisted of 46 caregivers corresponding to the inclusion criteria and divided into 2 groups of psychoeducation treatments (n = 23) and control (n = 23).The variables measured in this study support caregiver.Results :This research uses paired t test statistic, independent test with level (p value 0.05).From the statistical test obtained results (p value 0.001 <0, .05) so it is concluded that statistically shows there are differences in treatment groups and control after psychoeducation intervention.Analysis : Based on the results of this study psychoeducation can be used as an independent intervention of nursing in improving the ability of caregiver in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus type II.