Relationship Knowledge of PHBS with Health Action of Students

Keywords: Knowledge PHBS Health Action Student


Knowledge of PHBS (Clean and Healthy Behavior) is a part of activity that must be strived to be realized by every member of society including student. Student knowledge about PHBS is a manifestation of prevention of disease at the Primary Prevention level, including Health Promotion and Specific Protection. The purpose of this research is to know the relation of knowledge about PHBS with the action of student health in Primary School Sidowarek 02 Plemahan Districts Kediri Regency.

The design of this research is Observational Analytic with Cross Sectional approach, School Class V and VI Primary School Sidowarek 02 Plemahan Districts, sampling using accidental sampling technique. The study was conducted in October 2017, a sample of 45 student. Data collection techniques using questionnaires, data analysis using Fisher's Exact Test.

The results of this study obtained p value = 0.459, indicating there is no relationship between Knowledge about PHBS with Action Child Health School. Student's knowledge about PHBS in the good category of 23 student (51.1%). Those who did the health measures of 36 student (80%), consisted of 19 student (52.8%) knowledge of less PHBS and 17 student (47.2%) knowledge of PHBS good.

This is because the implementation of efforts to increase the knowledge of student by health workers and school teachers. As well as efforts to imitate / adopt the behavior of people around student. There needs to be an effort to maintain and improve knowledge about PHBS and the implementation of health measures as a daily habit.