Study Phenomenology Experience of Family stay with Family Members who have a Surgical Disorders with Violence Behavior in the Work UPTD Puskesmas Bendo

  • Lilik Setiawan STIKES karya Husada Kediri
  • Nove Lestari
  • Rinda Wahyuningsih
Keywords: Family, Mental disorders, Violent behavior


Life events are full of stressors is one cause of the increased mental disorders. One that occurs in the patient experiences violent behavior.
The family is the most influential person, knowing and feeling the suffering to be lived with the mentally ill.
The purpose of this study is to know the family experience of living with family members who have mental disorders of violent behavior.
The design of this research is descriptive qualitative, using data analysis method Colaizzi according to Creswell (2014).
Data processing techniques preparing data, coding data, describing data that has been in the coding, presenting data in the form of narration, and identify the data.
Based on the results of data analysis, there are fourteen core themes as follows: 1) feeling worried 2) accepting the situation 3) feeling desperate 4) feeling ostracized 5) feeling worthless 6) doing inhumane actions.
Of the theme ditemukantersebut caused because people with mental disorders is a long disease condition to be cured so that families mersakan psychological, social and economic burden.
In addition, people with mental disorders still do not get good support for life in the community, with the lack of support is one of the causes of difficult to cure patients.
Families with mental disorders have not been fully accepted in the community, even many still provide a negative stigma. For that support from family and society is very instrumental and influential in healing for people with mental disorders.