Effectiveness of “CERDEVID” Method on Community Ability doing Traffic Accident Evacuation Using Home Made Strecher

  • Ellyn Eka Dawanti
  • Pria Wahyu Romadhon Girianto STIKES Karya Husada Kediri
  • Didit Damayanti
Keywords: CERDEVID, Evacuation, Lay person


Accidents were the leading cause of death among young people aged 15-29 y.o. One of the causes of disability and death in accident victims was the wrong evacuation procedure. Therefore it was necessary to conduct health education on how to do right evacuation procedure using home made stretcher for lay person using CERDEVID method. Aim of this research was to know the effectiveness of CERDEVID method to the community ability doing evacuation using homemade stretcher. The design was used pre experimental design, one-group pre-post test design approach, and Cluster Sampling technique with 42 respondents. The result was found that almost all respondents (95.2%) were not able to evacuate the traffic accident victims using simple stretcher and only a small part (4.8%) of the respondents were quite capable before trained. After trained, number of capable respondent was significantly increased (90.5%), and a small percentage of the respondents obtained a fairly capable (9.5%). p value 0,000 <0,05 was obtained by using wilcoxon test. It can be concluded that this CERDEVID method can be used for learning to build and develop, because this method contains three aspects of cognitive, affective and psychomotor ability which was a learning that can be kept in mind. This method was very effective to the learning so it was suggest to do this method on another training.