Relationship Capital Knowledge and Attitudes about the Importance Toddlers Posyandu in Campurejo Village of Kediri

  • Susiani Endarwati Akbid Dharma Husada Kediri
  • Rofik Darmayanti Akbid Dharma Husada Kediri
Keywords: Knowledge, Attitude, Mothers, Posyandu


Posyandu is organized basic health activities for the people assisted by health workers in a work area pukesmas. 50% of children under five in Indonesia do not do regular weighing in Posyandu. The purpose of this study was to determine Relations Knowledge and Attitudes About the Importance of Mother Toddler Posyandu in Campurejo Kediri. Analytical design of this study is the correlation with cross sectional approach. The population in this study is all the mothers in the village Campurejo of Kediri, a number of 43 respondents. With Technique total Sampling obtained a sample of 43 respondents. The research variables are independent variables, the dependent variable is the knowledge and attitude of mothers about the importance of Posyandu. Collecting data using a questionnaire prepared by the process of editing, coding, scoring, and tabulating. Then analyzed using a statistical test Chi Square. The results showed that 22 (48.83%) of respondents have less knowledge and negative attitudes about the importance of Posyandu, Statistical test results showed x² count of 21.96 with a significant degree to x² table at 0.05 and 5.991. H1 accepted meaning that there is a relationship of knowledge and attitudes of mothers about the importance Posyandu. can be concluded that there is a relationship between knowledge and attitudes of mothers about the importance of Posyandu. It is expected that health workers and volunteers are more active in providing information and counseling to increase knowledge and attitudes of mothers about the importance of neighborhood health center, so that it can change wrong mindset about Posyandu and can increase the number of visit Posyandu.