Correlation Mother with History of HbsAg Positive with Incident of Asphyxia in General Hospital Kediri

  • Efa Nur Aini STIKES Karya Husada Kediri
  • Ratna Hidayati
  • Dita Shelvy Aprilia
Keywords: Mother, History of HbsAg positive, Incident of asphyxia


Hepatitis B is a disease caused virus infection hepatitis B (HBV). This virus attack the liver and trigger inflammation of the liver. In pregnant women this condition can quickly into severe and can affect the baby in the content. Research purposes to know the correlation of mother history HBsAg positive with the incidence of asphyxia in hospital Kediri Regency. Design used correlation approach case control study. Independent variable mother history HBsAg positive while the dependent variable incidence of asphyxia. Population of 124 people are divided into two groups of the mother's history HBsAg positive and baby, history HBsAg negative along with her baby using techniques total sampling and statistical test Chi square with significance 0.002. The results obtained that mother with a history of HBsAg positive 49,2% to factor trigger happen asphyxia and 41,1% mother with a history of HBsAg negative be a factor trigger happen asphyxia. The results of statistical tests using Chi square obtained results that the level of significance P-value = 0.006 and the level of significant (α) = 0.002 from result of research got (ρ <α) r = 0,263 then H1 acceptable, means the relationship of mother history HBsAg positive with  the incidence of asphyxia in hospital Kediri Regency and obtained (OR>1=13.157). Mother HBsAg positive has a risk 13 times greater because there is fatty in the liver causing fatty acid metabolism so the bile fluid is inundated and gallstones increased so the oxygen transport is disturbed causing the blood supply to the placenta to decrease and oxygen transport is inhibited. For pregnant women are advised to keep their pregnancy and perform ANC treatment regularly, if there are complications that can occur during the birth process can be known early.