Accreditation as an Accelerator to Improve the Performance of Hospital Human Resources Face the Turbulence Culture of Universale Coverage Year 2019

  • Sentot Imam Suprapto STIKES SURYA MITRA HUSADA
Keywords: Leadership, commitment, loyalty, Rewards


Accreditation as the standardization of health services performed by hospitals in accordance with professionally defined competencies. Resources in hospitals include in the field of human resources, infrastructure, financial, information and communication, development and research. Harmonization from interaction and comunication in hospitals affected factor are Leadership (Yulikha R, 2017), Comitment and Loyality (Albert LT, 2018) and Rewards (Dhahlia P, 2018).Prerequisite of Malcolm Baldrige as a test of leadership test in RSUD dr. Iskak Tulung agung, while in RSUD Jombang Wald and RS Gatoel test using logistic regression analysis.Performance before accreditation: RSUD dr. Iskak Tulung Agung SPM achievement 74 of 90 indicators, RS Gatoel Mojokerto complaint patients against medical services. RSUD Jombang: .evaluation of less nursing care (Dhahlia P, 2018) Post-accreditation performance: In RSUD dr. Iskak Tulung agung: Malcom Baldrige test result reached exelence value (884) from 49 respondents (Yulikha R, 2017) In RS Gatoel Mojokerto: improvement of commitment and loyalty of medical personnel have an effect on performance improvement, from 42 respondents. Test of logistic regression produce significant from factor commitment p value 0.034 and loyalty p value 0.025 medical personnel (Albert LT, 2018). In RSUD Jombang: awards in paramedics contribute to performance improvement, of 166 respondents, giving significant strengthening of p value test results 0,037 (Dhahlia P, 2018).RSUD dr. Iskak Tulung agung: with the results of excellence according to World Leader (Yulikha R, 2017), RS Gatoel Mojokerto: excellent service based on commitment and loyalty of medical personnel (Albert LT, 2018) and RSUD Jombang reinforcement on awards for paramedics with the result of accreditation plenary (Dhahlia P , 2018). The three main pillars of the above hospitals are expected to strengthen hospitals against cultural turbulence in plenary referral health services.