Factors Influencing the Mother in Giving Infant Formula Milk for 0-6 Months Baby

  • Aida Ratna Wijayanti Akbid Dharma Husada Kediri
  • Mega Wahyu Abtari
Keywords: Occupation, Knowledge, Mother, Baby, 0-6 Months, Infant, formula milk


Selection of the use of infant formula milk with various reasons as a substitute of breast feed is still often found in the community. Supported by the rise of infant formula milk producers who promote their products in various ways to attract consumers, not to mention mothers who have 0-6 months’ baby. Parents may not yet understand the impact of feeding the baby with infant formula milk. Sometimes they do not understand the nutrient content of formula milk. This study aimed to determine the factors that affect mothers in the provision of infant formula in 0-6 months’ baby at Posyandu Mawar – Prambon – Nganjuk. This study was using descriptive research design. The population is mother who have 0-6 months’ baby who provide infant formula milk at Posyandu Mawar, Gading, Prambon, Nganjuk. Total sampling was chosen as sampling technique (n=30). The variables of this research are occupation, knowledge, advertisement, and economy status. The result of this study showed that from several factors influencing the mother in giving infant formula milk for 0-6 months’ baby such as occupation factor with 11 respondents (36.6%), knowledge factor with 17 respondents (60.0%), advertisement factor with 20 respondents (66.7%), economic factors with 13 respondents (43.3%). Based on the results of the research can be assumed that occupation, maternal health, knowledge, advertisement, cultural factors and economic factors give impact to the mother in giving infant formula milk for feeding the baby. Therefore, the mother needs to have the proper knowledge about the impact of infant formula milk.