The Influence of Soursop Leaf Consumption on the Decrease of Hypertension in Elderly Women in Posyandu Lansia Dupak Surabaya

  • Riza Tsalatsatul Mufida STIKes Surya Mitra Husada Kediri
  • Anggrawati Wulandari
Keywords: Hypertension, Soursop leaves, Elderly women


Hypertension leading cause of death and hig morbidity. It’s high prevelance which is likely to increase in the future, can lead to stroke, heart disease, and even death. Control of hipertension using antihypertensive drugs has become an obstacle because of its side effects and exorbitant cost. Hypertension countermeasures is through healthy lifestyle changes and also can use herbs such as soursop leaves (annona muricata lin), in the from which emperically can lower blood pressure. The purpose of this study to determine the effect of decoction of soursop leaves to decrease blood pressure in elderly women in Posyandu Elderly Dupak Surabaya. Design The research that I use is Pre-experimental Design with One Group Pre-Test-Post Test Design approach. Population used sebayak 56 respondents, the sample used sebayak 28 respondents are elderly women with high normal hypertension, hypertension stage I (Light) and hypertension stage II (medium) in Posyandu Elderly Dupak Surabaya, using technique Purposive Sampling. Data collection using blood pressure observation sheet before and after soursop leaf decoction, then performed tabulation and analysis Receiveidusing test wilcoxon sign rank test. The results of this study showed that some respondents had stage II blood pressure (14) (50,0%) respondents before they were decoction of soursop leaves and some respondents had High Normal blood pressure of 12 (42,9%) respondents after they were decoction of soursop leaf . From the statistical test, it can be concluded that there is a significant difference between blood pressure before and after stew of soursop leaves (p-value value is 0,002, because p-value <α (0,05) means effectiveness of soursop leaf decoction in elderly woman in Elderly Posyandu Dupak Surabaya. The conclusion is the decoction of soursop leaves affects the decrease in blood pressure of elderly women. It is recommended for elderly women to regularly eat soursop leaves decoction.