Effort of Nausea Vomiting Management in I Trimester Pregnancy

  • Dian Taviyanda STIKES RS. Baptis Kediri
  • Desi Natalia Trijayanti Idris STIKES RS. Baptis Kediri
Keywords: Nausea Vomiting, Pregnant Women, Trimester I, Nola J. Pender Nursing Theory


Background: Pregnant Women in Trimester 1 undergo many changes, including physiological changes. Physiological changes in first trimester pregnancy cause many complaints, one of which is nausea vomiting. Pregnant women in the first trimester usually do not know enough information to overcome the nausea of vomiting he felt. The purpose of this study is to describe the efforts of nausea vomiting management in 1 trimester pregnancy based on Nola J. Pender nursing theory at RS. Baptist Kediri.

Methods: The research used descriptive research design. Its population is the mother emesis gravidarum trimester 1 in Kediri Baptist Hospital with the number of sample 22 Respondents according to inclusion criteria with Accidental sampling technique. Data were collected by questionnaires divided into 4 sections (Hygiene before bed, snack consumption, waking time, eliminating bad taste in mouth in the day) and consisted of 10 questions preceded by providing informed consent when the patient agreed. After the data collected then the data will be processed by using the distribution frequency.

Results: The results of the study of nausea vomiting in pregnant women trimester I at Kediri Baptist Hospital were 10 respondents (45.5%) showed that the management of nausea vomiting in the category of less, 9 respondents (40,9%) showed that the management of nausea vomiting in sufficient category, 3 respondents (13.6%) indicated that the management of nausea vomiting in the category was performed well.

Conclusion: 1st trimester pregnant woman in Outpatient Installation of Kediri Baptist Hospital in overcoming or effort of first nausea vomiting in trimester 1 is less.