Perception of “Homeless” about Human Basic Needs by Use of Health Services in Social House of Kediri

  • Siti Farida STIKes Surya Mitra Husada Kediri
  • Irma Ratu
Keywords: Homelessness, Basic human needs, Health services


The purpose of this study to determine the perception of homeless people on the basic human needs of the health service utilization in social institutions Kediri. This study design was cross- sectional. The population in this study were all homeless by the number 25, and the samples in this study were mostly homeless by the number 25. In this study, the sampling technique used is total sampling technique by using a questionnaire research instruments. Of the total of 25 respondents, 19 respondents ( 76 % ) give good ratings on basic human needs, 6 respondents ( 24 % ) provide enough votes. And of the 25 respondents, 4 respondents ( 16 % ) give a good assessment, and 17 respondents ( 68 % ) provide enough votes, 4 respondents ( 16 % ) give less value to health care. The results of the data analysis with Chi Square test, at significance level α of 0.1 obtained significant value of 0.006 which means Ho rejected H1 accepted. Which means that there is a relationship perception of homelessness on basic human needs with the utilization of health services in Social Homes Kediri. In the r value obtained significantly by + 0.652 which means that there is a close positive relationship between basic human needs with the utilization of health services in Social Homes Kediri. Homeless perception of basic human needs that will either affect the homeless in the use of health. The role of health workers in delivering health promotion and give the waiter's Health will provide a boost to the homeless to take advantage of health services with a check-up when sick.