Aroma Therapy Massage Potentially Reduces the Elderly Blood Pressure with Hypertension in Posyandu Lansia

  • Kili Astarani STIKES RS. Baptis Kediri
  • Aries Wahyuningsih STIKES RS. Baptis Kediri
Keywords: Elderly, Hypertension, Aromatherapy Massage


Background: Hypertension requires continuous and appropriate management, if hypertension is not handled properly it will lead to complications that can harm the body. Management of hypertension does not always use drugs. Nonpharmacological approach can be done in elderly with hypertension. One of them is aromatherapy massage. The purpose of this study was to Analyze Aromatherapy Massage on Changes in Blood Pressure at Elderly in Posyandu Lansia RW 04 Kelurahan Bangsal Kota Kediri.

Method: This research is pre-experiment with one-group pre-post test design. The population of this research is hypertension elderly in Posyandu Lansia RW 04 Kelurahan Bangsal Kota Kediri some 20 elderly. Various research aromatherapy massage and Blood Pressure in Elderly. The process of collecting data is done by measuring blood pressure elderly hypertension before and after aromatherapy massage. Data analysis using Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test.

Results: Elderly with hypertension in RW 04 Kelurahan Bangsal Kota Kediri before giving aromatherapy massage has systolic blood pressure with a modus value of 160 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure with a modus of 90 mmHg.

Discussion: Aromatherapy Massage potentially reduces systolic blood pressure by p = 0.000 and reduces diastolic blood pressure with p = 0.001 in elderly with hypertension in Posyandu Lansia RW 04 Kelurahan Bangsal Kota Kediri